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why lector coaching?

Here are three reasons:

#1 – Lay lector reading is a recent privilege

In the past, only ordained clergy could read Scripture at Mass. Now that lay persons can, it’s not a duty to be taken lightly!

#2 – It’s your chance to rouse the faith of the assembly

This is the ministry that many say most directly affects worshipers at Mass. Don’t you want to inspire them to discipleship?

#3 – You’ll improve your public speaking skills

Effective oral communication is crucial in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be wise to invest in a skill you’ll use every day?

Here's the new book from Your Lector Coach: "The 5 Things to Remember"

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Choose the tool it takes to build a vibrant, sustainable lector ministry in your parish!
Here's how you can become a powerful proclaimer

We offer a variety of programs -- We'll teach your lectors "The 5 Things to Remember to Become a Powerful Proclaimer" in a one-day session, or build your lector ministry in our intensive, multi-week program. We're also able to assist your presiders and deacons to make sure they're communicating the Word as powerfully as possible. Plus, we have insights on how your parish can reach out to the community and continue to grow! Select which of the programs on the right are the ones for you!

  • A one-day workshop on "The 5 Things to Remember" method of proclaiming

  • A 4-week series to build a vibrant, sustainable Lector Ministry in your parish

  • How to craft memorable homilies and deliver the Gospel effectively

  • Customized communication strategies to help your faith community grow and thrive


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