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Your Lector Coach

Learn how to proclaim the Word of the Lord with clarity and conviction

Why Lector Coaching?

Here are three reasons:

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Lectoring is a recent privilege

In the past, only ordained priests could read Scripture at Mass. Now that lay persons can, it is not a duty to be taken lightly.

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It's your chance to rouse the faith of the assembly

This is the lay ministry that many say most directly affects the congregation's experience at liturgy. How would you like to be able to inspire them to discipleship?

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You'll improve your public speaking skills

Effective communication is crucial in today's world. Wouldn't it be wise to invest in a skill that you'll use every day?

What Coaching Will Do For You

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Help increase your confidence

You'll banish the butterflies in your stomach and deliver the Word with authority and calm confidence.

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Bring you closer to Scripture

Discover the enrichment that being a bible scholar brings as you study the Word of the Lord more intensely.

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Deepen your spirituality

As you explore the meaning of the Word and express it to the faithful, you'll discover new layers of your own faith.

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Make you part of a community

Lectors are a dedicated, committed group that seek to grow closer to God and each other in the practice of their craft.

Sound good? Become part of our community and learn how to become a more powerful proclaimer in 30 days or less!

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August 25, 2016 12 comments

Welcome to our lector community!

I’m thrilled you’ve made the decision to improve your lectoring skills by coming to this site and joining our community! You’ll receive periodic tips on how to hone your speaking and presentation skills in order to become a more powerful proclaimer, and will grow in your knowledge and appreciation of sacred scripture. Here’s to a […]