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Here's what lectors say

Judi M.

Lector coaching has given me tools to communicate better, proclaim scripture with confidence, engage with the parishioners, interpret and deliver scripture for others to gain meaning, and most of all, it has helped me to find my voice.
Steve brings a combination of faith, spirituality, professionalism and humor to coaching sessions. He always emphasizes the positive, and through his leadership we have worked together to improve everyone’s proclamation of the Word of the Lord.

Eric M.

Vince T.

Lector coaching has enabled me to identify and execute what needs to be done to effectively proclaim the Word of the Lord. In addition, it has made me feel connected with my fellow lectors as a true and very special ministry.
It doesn’t matter how many years I participate, the coaching is always of value. First on technique, as we all need practice. And I feel the value of hearing the same reading done different ways helps me understand the content and prepares me for Sunday — whether in congregation or as lector.

Patricia G.

Charles M.

I have developed vastly increased confidence and learned helpful techniques in the art of public speaking, due to lector training.
Steve Domier has been instrumental in leading, coaching and guiding our lector ministry for the past 12 years. Steve helped create a structure which ensures ongoing coaching and development of the volunteers in this critical ministry. In addition, he uses his professional presentation skills to hone the proclamation abilities of our lectors. Steve is patient, encouraging, motivational and utterly dependable. Holy Family has been very blessed by his willingness to share his gifts and talents so generously.

Cambria Tortorelli, Former Parish Life Director, Holy Family Church

Steve C.

I’ve certainly gained greater confidence from the lector coaching experience, some of which is derived from greater awareness of the mechanics and manner of proclaiming the Word; however what has been more gratifying is a better familiarity with the scriptures, something that was not emphasized in my 1970’s Catholic elementary school.
Lector coaching had provided me with many benefits. It has improved my preparation, my technical posture/approach at the microphone; it has improved my facial expressions (smiling/welcoming) when sharing God’s Word; provided guidance on proper eye contact. In summary, all of the things we have learned and practiced have made a significant, positive impact on my ability to share God’s Word, hopefully in a manner that rouses the faith of our listeners!

Michael C.

Gloria L.

Coaching has given me pointers, enunciation and more interest in reading the scriptures that precede and follow my assigned reading.
The input from Steve, along with the videotaping of each practice session, has allowed me to improve my readings in a way not possible without this invaluable input.

Gretchen R.

Lauren C.

In the past I honestly rarely paid attention to the readings and how they tied into the gospel – or the homily. As a lector I am much more aware of the Word and now have a deepened experience every time I attend Mass–so much more fulfilling.
The primary benefit for me has been learning how to proclaim God’s Word in a truly meaningful way and occasionally touch the heart of the assembly, or so I have been told by parishioners after Mass. In learning how to do this, I have as a side benefit read and learned a lot more about scripture. Getting my Bible and reading the context of where the reading came from makes a big difference and I had never really appreciated just how much a difference it made until I started doing it regularly.

Bernice H.

Charlene S.

Coaching has given me confidence, ways to improve my delivery, and the comparisons of other lectors who I can learn from.
I understand now that proclaiming is not merely reading words on the page but understanding those words — the difference between reading and proclaiming. I have learned how to interpret the readings for more impact — what words should be emphasized, when the look-ups should be and when to do them effectively. I have gained so much during coaching sessions; I believe the opportunity to meet with my fellow lectors and give and receive feedback has not only benefited each one of us but the congregation as well.

Mikki H.

Frank M.

With the coaching from Steve, I have been made aware of the responsibility that a lector has in the Mass, as I have to project the Word of God in a living and meaningful way. I am not just “reading a sentence or pronouncing a phrase,” but truly sharing with those at Mass the Living Word. Thank you, Steve.
There are several benefits that readily come to mind: the push to review a reading in advance of the assignment; the opportunity to hear colleagues do their readings and learn from them; the helpful critiques of a reading; and the camaraderie that is an important part of our training.

Diana M.

Lorraine G.

Lector coaching has given me more ease and understanding of the Word as I read it. But I really get the most from the video and sound when I am recorded. Seeing myself and hearing my voice really shows me where I either need to improve or where my strengths are.
Lector coaching has helped me give stronger readings that clearly convey and deliver the Word of God. It has given me improved speaking ability by lending an outside perspective on habits that I didn’t realize I had which can take away from my delivery of the reading. And it’s fun, entertaining, and provides a great sense of community! Love it! Thank you so much for providing something every parish should!

Sam C.

Ruben D.

Lector coaching is a great opportunity to watch and learn from some real masters at the craft, get some meaningful input on improving my own proclamation, and, surprisingly, a sense of fellowship and fun with my fellow lectors.